Did you hear the one…

Have you ever heard the story about the young boy who almost failed to complete his first year of homeschooling? His father was the pastor of a small country church, and his mother had given up her nursing career in order to teach him at home. Every day throughout the school week, the young boy’s studies were distracted as his father practiced his Sunday sermon from his study adjoining the schoolroom. In addition, the young boy’s medically-minded mom spent countless hours teaching him health, anatomy, and personal hygiene.

Like most small boys, sitting through a Sunday sermon once was hard enough and washing his hands several times a day was drudgery. One evening after his mother exhorted him to wash his hands again before supper, the young boy couldn’t take it any longer. Mumbling to himself, he said, “Germs and God, germs and God, that’s all I ever hear about and I can’t see either one of them!”

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    Its sure cool to see the new book coming soon. All the best for your vacation at the Broadmoor, and trip to Focus on the Family. Blessings/Steve

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